Peru January 05    Part one.    
Imperial, San Vincente de Caņete, Huacachina, Nazca, Arequipa, Caņon de Colca, Puno and the start of a trip to Quillabamba

These pics were taken with an actual film camera - some sort of Nikon pocket thingy.
The camera occasionally had some problems with the light - in quite a few pics the centre is highlighted. This is an artefact from the camera, not photoshop.

The town of Imperial
I acclimatized here for two nights


Sunset light
The beach near San Vincente de
The Pacific Ocean is to cold for
swimming, even in the summer.







A shared taxi

Food. Cost: Appr. 1 USD

The panamerican highway



Desert, the Panamericana to Ica



Sand dunes at Huacachina


Sandboarding is fun!

Bad pic of an oasis
Again, the panamerican highway

A face in the rocks?
Landscapes near Nazca




Cemetary of Chauquichilla (sp.?)




A park in Arequipa


My first glimpses of the Pampa on
the way to Chivay








The road to nowhere


Chivay is at the bottom of this valley

At an altitude of appr. 3200 M





Hot springs turned into pools







The mighty Caņon de Colca, a truly spectacular canyon that at its deepest point measures 3000 M from the bottom to the top of the mountains surrounding it.
And the mountains surrounding it have peaks higher than 6000 M.
From the lookout point the drop to the bottom is appr. 1000 M.
Simply breathtaking.













Leaving Chivay


The pass at 4900 M above sea level

Arequipa sunset




Desert landscapes outside Arequipa



The Pampa on the road to Puno











A local fiesta




Rain on the altiplano

Puno and Lake Titicaca




A small town on the road to Cuzco
Atrium of my hotel


I stayed in Cuzco for over a week, but during that time made a small two day trip to the jungle town of Quillabamba. Basically i spent 8 hours in a bus, arrived in quillabamba early in the evening and got a return bus to Cuzco at noon the next day.

Quillabamba was nothing special, but the voyage definitely was!
First you leave the Cuzco valley (3000 M), travel over the altiplano (4000 M), then descend to the scared valley of the Incas (2500 M) from where you ascend to a pass at appr. 4500 M from where you finally descend to Quillabamba at an altitude of appr. 1000 M. Phew!
This might explain why a trip that is hardly 200 Km long can take so much time.

The Pampa

The sacred valley already lies below us

This way up!
The valley is still there


Yup, still there...



And the final glimpse
of the sacred valley
There is still a long way to the top...
A peruvian bridge
Snow covered giants appear out of the clouds




Finally at the top!
And now we descend into the
mists of the Amazon jungle
Yes, more pictures from Peru!
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