Peru January 05     Part two.     Quillabamba, Cuzco, Machu Picchu, Andahuaylas, Ayacucho and the Abra de Arapacheta
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The descent into the jungle continues








Towards the Amazon basin

Hotel room door
Wandering through the streets of






Residential area



Market day in quillabamba

Returning towards Cuzco

Fat finger?








A typical peruvian road block



Descent to the sacred valley


Finally, the sacred valley floor
Football, of course

Christmas thingy in my hotel in Cuzco

Cuzco from above
Cuzco market
Me, in front of a colonial church


Live sheep go by bus too
The sacred valley of the Incas near Pisac





Standing above cuzco



Typical Cuzco street
Morning light over Cuzco


The entrance to Machu Picchu
This is in the "off" season


Yes, i was really there


Landscapes in the Cuzco vally



Sunrise over Andahuaylas


Andahuaylas is deep down in the
valley below

Up in the high pampa once again



Need an X-ray?
Streets of Ayacucho




A pedestrian street

Some sort of procession
Ayacucho in the morning

And Ayacucho from above


The next pictures are from the Abra de Arapacheta another very high pass (4500 M +) that is on the road from Ayacucho to Pisco.
The weather was (for once) gorgeous and the views incredible, and obviously these pics don't do the views justice. But at least i tried.

Leaving Ayacucho behind



Yes, fat finger - but notice the colours
of the mountains

















Probably the top of the pass




And the descent to the coast begins
4500 M down in a few hours!








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