mexico June 07     Part two: Palenque Ruins, Misol-Ha waterfalls, Agua Azul, Villahermosa, Orizaba, the highlands of the central valley and Mexico City

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The ruins of Palenque are situated very nicely but to me they didn't seem that spectacular, a bit hyped, really.
However, i still managed to take a few pictures of them...








The lowlands stretching out from
the foot of the ruins








The Misol-Ha waterfall





The swimming pools of Agua Azul






Leafcutter ants doing their thing


Villahermosa, a nice provincial town

Orizaba, a nicer (and smaller) town
Seafood in the mountains? Yes!

Central square of Orizaba



Pico de Orizaba, at 5611 M it is
northern Americas third highest peak

Ascent from Orizaba









The highlands on the road to
Mexico City








Rain on the window

Distant mountain ranges frame the
central valley
Mexico City outskirts
Taken from the roof of our hotel



Moon over Mexico City

Mexico City by night

Saturday afternoon in Mexico City

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