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Pics taken with a DSLR

A roadside shrine


Downtown Kandy






A fire station




Spot the monkeys


More monkeys from a distance




Morning sky over Kandy

I had to chase this monkey away since i didn't want to share my breakfast with him. He was quite reluctant but eventually left.




Another morning in Kandy

And more monkeys



Perfectly ripe Papaya and Mango


Jackfruit tree


Lush tropical gardens

Can you say "long hair"?

A turtle in the lake

A fairly large monitor lizard sleeping on the embankment of the lake that is in the middle of Kandy.
The amount of wildlife in Sri Lanka never ceased to amaze me.
I did not get any better shots of this animal, because i was scared to get closer - as it is i was only about 2 M away from it in the first place, and i would guess that it was appr. 2 M in length from its nose to the tip of the tail. I am sure it could have hurt me if it wanted to.
But i guess it needed that nap, because i went on to my hotel for lunch, and when i was on my way into the centre again, three quarters of an hour later, it was still there...


A swimming monitor lizard

Garbage collection in Kandy

Again, the ubiquitous monkeys







A Myna bird

Still asleep

Fish in the lake


More downtown Kandy
And the market




Afternoon shower on its way again



A not so spectacular sunset






Raising kids is the same all over
On the road from Kandy to Negombo







A hindu temple
Big bamboo






My hotel on the beach at Negombo

Another hotel at the beach

Sri Lankan beach sports

And finally - the last sunset of the
trip. Not particularly spectacular,
but pleasant...













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