Sri Lanka Autumnn 06 Rainy season
Pics taken with a DSLR

First morning in Negombo

Spot the mating dragonflies
Rainy season



Chaotic traffic


Residential area
A poor family

I spent about 8 days in and around Mirissa basically just taking a few walks and taking pictures


A Ghost crab



A big snake
A Squirrel

A bumble bee
How many crabs can you see?




South Sri Lankan jungle


Hilltop view of Mirissa beach





Mirissa main drag
A temple
A monitor lizard

Around Mirissa







A lizardy animal




Pointing out the obvious:
Sunset at Mirissa beach














Sri Lankan curries are great
A room with a view

I like coconut palms



A fishing village

















Streets of Matare


A storm coming up









The day after the storm




Some more sunset pictures


















Trying to get that perfect pic


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